?ero Jr Joseph 12/02/1890 8/23/1970 B Handwritten Back Fence
?inston El 01/17/1876 5/29/1908 L Household of Ruth
?ride Milton n/a n/a N Last name illegible
Agley Lenaia *1889 *1950 M
Alexander Floridia *1845 n/a A Beside Henrietta Caligo
Allen Narsis (Mama) *1847 *1927 H
Allen  Annie *1883 *1950 K At Rest Fenced In Fam Plot-Ellis
Amos Herman (Rev) n/a 10/12/1952 B At Rest
Anderson Alena 06/01/1885 5/11/1963 A At Rest
Anderson Lee Emma *1888 *1961 M Mother
Anderson Mamie Lee (Mrs) n/a 3/10/1943 D Age 65-At Rest In Memory Of
Anderson Mary M. 12/18/1809 10/30/1971 I At Rest; Picture Inset
Anderson Mother n/a n/a E Gone But Not Forgotten
Angel Mary n/a 6/2/1958 I Age 33
Austen Alten 9/17/1908 3/30/1976 I At Rest Beside Mary Helen Hilltop;Main road In
Austen Mary Helen 8/4/1927 7/16/1963 I A Flower in the Garden of God Beside Alten Hilltop;Main road In
Bacon Camille P. 9/24/1904 12/1/1989 H Fam Plot-Tucker; 2/7, Lrge HS
Bacon George 10/19/1881 12/21/1955 J In Loving Memory Along Pathway
Bacon Margaret A. 06/23/1889 9/28/1957 J In Loving Memory Along Pathway
Bailey G. *1875 3/5/1966 G
Baker Emma (Mother) *1863 n/a H Gone But Not Forgotten Beloved of Mattie Colston Fam Plot-Tucker; 3/7, Lrge HS
Baker John n/a 1/27/1914 H My Beloved Brother Fam Plot-Mason
Baker Lorenzo (Father) *1854 *1929 H Gone But Not Forgotten Beloved of Mattie Colston Fam Plot-Tucker, 3/7, Lrge HS
Balls George (Mr & Mrs) n/a 5/25/1970 K
Banks James n/a n/a C Handwritten, Cursive Concrete Oblong stone
Banks Mary T. 03/14/1897 9/20/1973 A Gone But Not Forgotten
Barber Aliceteen Witcher 03/23/1889 10/25/1985 H Precious Lord Take My hand Beside Harriette Parker
Barber  Alma Stewart 1/26/1907 9/24/1988 L Tender Mother & Faithful Friend Inside Brick Fence
Barber Sr John L. 04/07/1890 3/28/1960 L Gone But Not Forgotten Inside Brick Fence
Bardie Mary n/a 8/6/1912 A Age 18
Barland Joseph n/a 1/4/1960 H We Miss You Now
Barland William Kiernan 8/11/1905 *1946 L or *1906?
Barley (?) G *1875 03/00/1966 G Plot C-1 grave
Barnes Blake 12/25/1899 2/5/1990 M Beloved Father & Grandfather
Barnes Cynthia A. *1869 *1926 G Our Sister
Barnes Ella 03/06/1881 9/12/1966 H Mother
Barnes George Anna 01/20/1886 2/14/1944 K
Barnes Lucy A. (Mother) 06/27/1881 12/10/1960 K
Barnes Madeline *1902 *1986 I At Rest Fam-Stewart
Barnes Richard 08/08/1879 8/26/1931 C
Barnes  Ella (Mrs) n/a 7/20/1945 N Age 40
Bass Terry Kenyon 9/26/1982 12/5/1985 I Rest In Peace
Bates Claudia Mae 10/15/1929 7/9/2001 B Gone But Not Forgotten Fam Plot-Bridgewater
Bates Ella B. 2/5/1908 2/17/1979 B At Rest Fam Plot-Bridgewater
Bates   Haywood 8/25/1900 2/8/1974 B At Rest Fam Plot-Bridgewater
Bates Jr. Haywood *1931 *1953 B Gone But Not Forgotten Fam Plot-Bridgewater
Bearden Elsie 08/25/1867 6/20/1970 J Loving Mother
Beater Jane n/a *1935 D At Rest
Beauford Johanna (Mrs) *1885 6/2/1951 D Age 66
Bell Ann *1879 *1944 K At Rest
Bell Georgia (Miss) 12/27/1882 6/12/1966 N Age 84 yrs.
Bell J. J. (Rev) 10/18/1879 3/21/1953 D Son of Rev & Mrs S. D. Bell At Rest Vault
Belton Barbar (Mrs) *1907 12/23/1951 B In Remembrance of Beloved Mother L. M. Belton
Benard James n/a 11/4/1941 N Age 54-In Memory Of
Bennett Hattie (Mother) 05/15/1886 4/14/1965 M
Bennett Joe Nathaniel *1942 *1978 M
Bernard Carrie W. 01/09/1892 4/26/1986 J Fam List-Bernard
Bernard James David 10/14/1876 2/9/1948 G We Will Meet Again Large Decorative Marble Headstone
Bernard Jessie L. Jackson 8/7/1952 4/6/1976 J Loved & Remembered
Bernard John 4/22/1910 4/23/1940 N In Memory Of
Bernard John B. 07/18/1872 5/13/1962 J Fam List-Bernard
Bernard John Robert 04/23/1895 11/25/1943 K At Rest-We Will Meet Again
Bernard Mary E. 05/15/1897 7/30/1955 I At Rest
Bernard Peggy Rose 1/1/1903 1/3/1973 K Mother
Bernard Ruth n/a 6/13/1955 J Age 42 Hill Top
Bernard Sr. George 7/6/1909 10/4/1945 J Gone But Not Forgotten
Bernard Sr. Herman 7/14/1939 6/30/2006 J Concordia Beside Jessie Bernard
Berry Jeannette 11/1/1909 7/8/1967 L Gone But Not Forgotten
Berry Charity A. *1893 4/8/1958 C At Rest
Bertha Levy 12/15/1888 8/10/1957 D The Lord Is My Shepherd
Bingham Anna M. *1876 *1941 L Beloved Wife & Mother; Age 65 Gone But Not Forgotten
Blackbun William C. n/a 5/23/1910 A Age 63-Gone But Not Forgotten Masonic Lodge 1826 G.U.O. of O. F.
Blackman  Hattie 08/04/1899 12/27/1958 I Wife of Eugene Blackman At Rest
Blackman Jr. Calvin 07/30/1891 1/8/1915 A Rest In Peace-Age 24
Blanton Darell (Baby) 9/25/1960 9/25/1960 C Gone But Not Forgotten
Blanton H. J. (Rev) 4/12/1906 12/20/1958 I Daddy We Will Meet You
Blanton Victor (Baby) 9/6/1959 9/17/1959 C Gone But Not Forgotten Beside Darell Blanton
Blowe Eric (Baby) Stillborn 2/14/1969 D Fam Plot-James
Blue Louise (Mrs) 4/5/1905 12/16/1996 H Age 91 yrs. Marker,GF West Funeral Home
Bowman Hannah (Mrs) 10/16/1873 3/7/1966 G At Rest Evening Shadow Lodge#1
Boyd Birdie Lee n/a 4/23/1940 G Age 42-At Rest Fam Plot-Boyd,2/6
Boyd Mary E. 04/16/1846 10/20/1923 G In Memory Of Fam Plot-Green
Boyd Wilbur M. 3/7/1904 6/11/1985 G At Rest Full Slab Fam Plot-Boyd,1/6
Brabston Sarah  n/a 7/29/1910 A Born At Fairview, Concordia Parish LA;Died At Natchez MS Age 69
Bradley Sr. Leon Matthews (Rev) 08/15/1891 1/26/1963 K The Lord Is My Shepherd
Bradshaw Thomas 10/16/1904 3/3/1970 H Age-66
Branch Archie 11/25/1882 5/10/1970 H
Branch Ludenia 1/9/1900 n/a H Beside Archie Branch
Bridgewater Clarence 12/22/1921 9/10/1980 B Beloved Father Fam Plot-Bridgewater
Bridgewater Isabell *1912 *1989 B Gone But Not Forgotten Fam Plot-Bridgewater
Bridgewater Luella *1895 *1987 B Gone But Not Forgotten Fam Plot-Bridgewater
Bridgewater Milton 12/25/1914 11/13/1971 H Gone But Not Forgotten Hilltop near bayou
Bridgewater Rosa *1884 *1962 B Gone But Not Forgotten Fam Plot-Bridgewater
Brisco Edward J. 09/18/1886 5/25/1975 J At Rest In Front of Sophia B.
Briscoe Sophia A. *1881 *1952 J Mother
Brooks Angerline *1906 11/8/1960 B Rest In Peace-Wife
Brooks David Donall n/a *1945 N And Wife
Brooks Robert Dave 6/16/1922 4/23/1940 N Our Beloved Son
Brooks (MIL) George James 6/6/1914 7/26/1968 H MS-CPL 9204 Tech Service Unit WW II Fam Plot-Donald, 4/4, Cyclone Fence
Brown Albert L. 5/31/1907 2/24/1976 H At Rest
Brown Annie Laura 03/19/1895 1/16/1937 D Fam Listing-2
Brown Aselena 9/15/1911 1/19/1990 C
Brown Bessie Colmon (Mrs) 9/16/1906 7/25/1965 I Age 59
Brown Elsie J. 08/25/1893 9/15/1990 J May She Rest In Peace
Brown Emmett 06/25/1878 9/7/1953 B Gone But Not Forgotten
Brown Florence n/a 1/2/1954 L Beside Lelia Gilmore
Brown Frank 3/2/1924 10/9/1965 K
Brown Frank (Rev) 09/07/1890 5/24/1975 D Gone But Not Forgotten
Brown Leah Ann 04/05/1874 9/15/1942 H Fam Plot-Turner
Brown Lorenza R. n/a n/a L Beside Evangeline B. Roy
Brown Lucille 12/25/1890 2/1/1960 L Age 82 yrs
Brown Mary Jane n/a 7/8/1956 C Age 100 yrs, 4 mos.
Brown Ophelia M. *1885 *1954 H Age 69-Asleep In Jesus Beloved Mother
Brown Patsey (Mrs) n/a 11/5/1944 J Age 52 - At Rest Hill Top
Brown Savannah L. *1906 *1952 L Rest In Peace
Brown Thomas 03/26/1883 11/10/1954 M Gone But Not Forgotten
Brown Violet *1870 *1944 N
Brown Willie 09/01/1862 7/6/1924 N
Brown Willis Hamilton 05/29/1871 2/13/1950 H Deacon; Rest In Peace; He Gave His Life For Others Fam Plot-Turner
Brown Winnie Laura 03/19/1895 1/16/1987 E
Burford Oscar C. 10/21/1898 12/25/1968 J At Rest
Burkes Bertha n/a n/a M Age 80; At Rest
Burl Rebecca 04/04/1870 4/16/1953 M
Burn Ellen (Mrs) *1894 *1945 L In Remembrance Of Our Gr-Mother W. M. Belton
Burns Feloniza Arnette 2/21/1927 9/8/1937 D Asleep In Jesus Fam Plot-James
Burns Florida 03/12/1892 2/7/1963 D Fam Plot-James
Burns (MIL) Willie 12/06/1889 10/28/1946 D MS PVT 814 Pioneer Inf WWI
Burris Carrie H. n/a 8/8/1918 A Age 26-At Rest Carrie B-Beloved Daughter of Hannah Hester
Burton Jane *1879 *02/1954 B Age 75-Our Mother, At Rest Handwritten
Bush Henry *1873 *1950 B Age 77-At Rest Headstone Broken in Half
Butler Albert (Rev) 4/15/1915 6/23/1972 G We Will Meet Again Large Grey Headstone
Butler Isabell J. (Mrs) 3/4/1916 5/20/1984 G Loved & Remembered Beside Rev. Albert B.
Butler Isiah (Mr) 2/4/1904 5/19/1984 I At Rest-Frm the Family
Butler Katie 10/1/1906 12/1/1953 L Gone But Not Forgotten
Butler Scottie *1910 *1976 D Fam List-Carter
Butler William 10/1/1907 4/11/1972 L At Rest
Buttler Josephine 11/04/1893 11/15/1942 N In Heaven there is one Angel More
Cage Charles 10/30/1951 9/23/1972 H Hilltop near bayou
Cage Lovia Mae Green 12/1/1921 9/12/1979 M Rest In Peace
Cage Willie 8/20/1917 9/27/1969 M Age 52
Cain Donia H. 3/21/1906 6/18/1985 M Your Children; Dbl HS w/Luther
Cain Frank 08/24/1876 12/15/1962 B 4 Slabs in Row
Cain Frank 4/22/1962 09/00/1963 B 4 Slabs in Row
Cain Howard O. 2/28/1923 5/28/1976 M At Rest
Cain Susie Bollin(ia) 11/15/1876 4/21/1951 B Age 72 Beside Frank 4 Slabs in Row
Cain Sr. Luther 10/15/1900 6/7/1953 M Your Children; Dbl HS w/Donia
Caldwell (MIL) Frederick n/a n/a H Corp. 51 US CO.F, GLD INF
Calhoun (MIL) Charlie 2/19/1912 5/21/1983 E US Army, WWII
Caligo Henrietta n/a n/a A Beside Floridia Alexander
Cambell Vina n/a 2/23/1968 G Age 56 yrs
Cameron Jessie James 8/16/1938 5/20/2006 A Age 68 yrs
Campbell Beloved Mother n/a n/a A Beside Eli Small White Stone; Top broken off
Campbell Eli 7/4/1913 8/8/1973 A Daddy We Love You Masonic Symbol
Campbell Father *1860 *1964 D
Campbell Mother *1863 *1941 D
Campbell Pearl 9/4/1919 1/18/1981 H
Campbell Samuel *1882 *1918 H Full Slab; Name in Center
Carr (MIL) Willie 08/04/1889 5/28/1960 J LA PVT Co C; 325 Labor BN QMC WWI Under Big Tree
Carter Amanda J. *1909 *1979 D Fam List-Carter
Carter Dan *1889 *1982 D Fam List-Carter
Carter Joseph 08/04/1892 1/7/1940 E
Carter Nancy  *1897 *1977 I She Loved Us All
Caston Rose 11/2/1940 3/22/1997 L Age 56 yrs
Chaney Minerva *1885 4/28/1940 K
Childress Rosie 09/07/1879 9/15/1947 I
Chinn Peggy 10/04/1892 3/13/1956 K At Rest
Chipley Isaac *1887 *1953 I Beloved Husband of Georgiana Age 65
Christmas Lillie S. 05/25/1880 12/17/1956 K At Rest
Church Richard *1855 *1944 K My Beloved Husband
Clark June 6/10/1910 4/5/1965 J
Clark Laura (Mrs) 10/24/1886 1/28/1945 N
Clark Robert Dave 12/1/1921 1/27/1969 J
Clay A. W. *1879 n/a I
Clay Ella King (Mother) *1879 *1957 I
Clayton Sr Charles 9/20/1910 2/25/1963 J Rest In Peace
Coleman Adline 03/15/1872 11/13/1972 L
Coleman Bertha (Aunt Duc) *1902 12/15/1943 K Fam-Johnson,Holmes,Wiley
Coleman Boyd *1898 *1974 D Gone To Be An Angel Hill top 
Coleman Daisy 07/03/1895 7/19/1971 H At Rest
Coleman Daisy A. *1950 *1966 H Fam Plot-Coleman
Coleman Daisy Turner 02/28/1896 8/10/1978 I In Loving Memory
Coleman James (Father) 10/1/1922 5/27/1996 H Mr. Happy To Live in Hearts We Leave Behind Is Not To Die Fam Plot-Coleman
Coleman Mae *1885 9/17/1957 C At Rest
Coleman Polly L. 12/17/1922 4/24/1940 N At Rest
Coleman Susie (Mrs) *1887 *1975 H Mother, Shiloh Baptist Church Roadside, Hilltop
Colman Levater n/a 10/14/1959 C At Rest
Colston Mattie B. *1885 *1959 H In Loving Memory Of Fam Plot-Tucker, 4/7, Lrge HS
Columbus Cora n/a 1/13/1920 G Gone But Not Forgotten Fam Plot-Morgan
Cookiesall Mrs n/a 11/15/1946 L Age 64; In Memory Of
Cooks Roosevelt 6/29/1913 1/2/1973 I At Rest
Cooper Gladys * 9/19/1950 K Age 24
Cosey Katie F. n/a 2/16/1910 A Wife of Rev. W. M. Cosey; Supreme Treasurer of D.K.of F. Age 27 yrs.
Curtis Abraham (Al) 6/25/1921 12/28/2000 K In Memory Of Father & Brother
Curtis Evelyn 6/9/1907 4/9/1976 L At Rest
Curtis Levi Leon n/a 3/3/1966 I Age 70; At Rest
Curtis P. C. (Rev) *1873 *1944 D Beloved Brother of S. W. Washington Age 71
Curtis Zana (ToTo) 7/12/1901 4/2/1993 K Beloved Mother from the Children
Dance Alma Odessa 5/17/1918 1/24/1987 E Beside Dorothy B. Fam Lot-Dance
Dance Betty *1893 *1981 E Fam Lot-Dance
Dance Dorothy B. 11/28/1921 4/20/1949 E Beside Alma Fam Lot-Dance
Dance George *1898 *1930 E Sleep on Peaceful Sleep Fam Lot-Dance
Dance Lee R. *1885 *1980 E Fam Lot-Dance
Daniels Carlotta 1/11/1908 2/11/1956 D At Rest
Davenport A (Reua) (Rev) n/a 11/00/1915 G Multiple Listings Fam Plot-Davenport
Davenport Irene n/a 2/7/1951 G Multiple Listings Fam Plot-Davenport
Davenport Lenora n/a n/a G Multiple Listings Fam Plot-Davenport
Davenport Luvania n/a 7/13/1961 G Multiple Listings Fam Plot-Davenport
Davenport Luverda n/a 10/4/1942 G Beside Rev. A. Davenport Handwritten Headstone Tall, Facing West
Davenport Patsey (Wife) n/a 2/11/1945 G Multiple Listings Fam Plot-Davenport
Davenport Viola n/a 9/30/1967 G Multiple Listings Fam Plot-Davenport
Davenport  Willie n/a 6/5/1937 G Multiple Listings Fam Plot-Davenport
Davis Alfretta Feltus 8/12/1905 4/27/1960 M
Davis Apolia 03/01/1888 11/16/1976 G At Rest Fam Plot-Davis
Davis Clifton 1/15/1907 1/15/1924 G Sleep On Thy Son Take Thy Rest; God Called You Home, He Thought It Best Fam Plot-Davis
Davis Earis 07/16/1892 3/8/1953 D At Rest
Davis Eliza May n/a n/a L
Davis Frances *1921 *1978 L Mother
Davis John 3/1/1900 9/21/1971 G Large, Marble Headstone
Davis Lehman 10/03/1894 7/28/1983 I
Davis Marie   07/15/1892 3/8/1953 D At Rest Top of Hill
Davis Marie Gordon 5/16/1900 11/1/1960 N At Rest
Davis Mary *1866 9/6/1947 G Gone But Not Forgotten Fam Plot-Davis
Davis Mary M. (Mrs) 09/12/1897 10/30/1969 H Our Mother-Gone But Not Forgotten-Age 72
Davis Sarah  10/15/1898 7/18/1980 M Servant of God Well Done
Davis Stella 04/11/1889 10/7/1955 L Gone But Not Forgotten
Davis Stephen K. 1/31/1955 5/1/1969 H Asleep in Jesus (Age 14)
Davis Vergina n/a 3/17/1922 G Headstone Broken in Half
Davis Willie (Mrs.) 7/20/1922 *02/00/1959 H
De France Walter n/a 11/6/1950 L Age 41;Gone But Not Forgotten
Dean Virginia (Mother) *1873 *1947 I Beside Carlie D.
Dean-Bims Carlie (Wife) 8/11/1908 9/19/1970 I Beside Virginia D.
Dennis Lillian L. Jones 08/24/193? 2/3/1957 N Beloved Wife & Mother
Devereux Clifford R. 10/02/1896 12/11/1932 D Asleep In Jesus, Blessed Sleep Son
Diggs Mary E. B. 5/30/1926 9/21/1972 K Slumber On Honey Bunch
Dimmer (Ommer?) Chatloer(?) (Mrs) 07/07/1877 2/9/1968 H At Rest Hill top near Bayou
Dixon Alfred 04/14/1849 5/14/1929 D May His Soul Rest In Peace
Dixon Josephine 12/12/1855 9/10/1932 D May Her Soul Rest In Peace
Dixon Rachel 08/24/1875 11/26/1968 J
Dixon Rebecca n/a 9/3/1940 H Age 70-At Rest Inside Cyclone Fence
Dobbins Elouise 6/30/1916 12/29/1979 K Sunken, Roadside
Donald Alberta W. 3/5/1908 4/27/1972 G Gone But Not Forgotten Plot A; Grey Headstone, Marble
Donald Birdie n/a 3/16/1917 H At Rest-Age 28 Fam Plot-Donald, 1/4, Cyclone Fence
Donald Nellie 05/01/1897 1/23/1973 H At Rest Fam Plot-Donald,3/4, Cyclone Fence
Donald (Family) Unknown n/a 6/2/1916 H Age 58-At Rest Fam Plot-Donald, 2/4, Cyclone Fence
Dorsey Charlie 5/11/1911 10/31/1950 B Gone But Not Forgotten Flat Headstone
Dorsey Gertrude 6/13/1911 10/15/1980 I Beloved Mother; Gone but Not Forgotten
Dorsey Thomas N. 5/2/1908 11/6/1976 H John 3:16 Roadside, Hilltop
Dossett Mary 4/12/1916 3/13/1974 I Rest In Peace
Dottery Edward R. n/a 10/28/1928 C In Memory Of Our Darling Son Full Concrete Slab
Dottery Rotelia S. 2/28/1901 1/17/1981 H Loving Mother
Douglas Jannie *1895 *1967 H Beautiful, Flat Headstone
Dowson Isaac E. (Rev) *1905 10/19/1972 L
Drake James (Rev) 08/08/1899 3/28/1980 I At Rest
Drake Samantha 09/06/1893 7/14/1967 H
Drake William (Rev) *1880 1/4/1958 I At Rest
Drake  Virginia 06/06/1880 8/3/1970 I At Rest
Drake (MIL) Freddie 12/15/1917 3/4/1951 L PVT Ohio 305 AAF Base Unit WWII
Drake Jr Frank 09/01/1876 12/8/1923 G Behind ESL#1 at bayou
Drake Sr Johnnie  1/2/1920 9/17/1971 G Gone But Not Forgotten
Duck Zilla 6/24/1922 4/19/1992 J Fam List-Bernard
Duncan Hannah (Mrs.) n/a 7/11/1937 G
Durden Geneva L. (Mother) 11/13/1923 1/20/1994 H Mrs. Tee To Live in Hearts We Leave Behind Is Not To Die Fam Plot-Coleman
Earl Hattie 08/10/1883 10/15/1962 M Age79
Earls Hattie B. 2/11/1905 9/3/1994 M In Loving Memory; Sons, G-Sons & Family
Edney Clara 08/17/1887 5/3/1928 C Our Mother-At Rest Full Slab
Edney Elizabeth G 12/14/1906 2/11/1976 I Loving Devoted Wife & Mother Fam Plot-Edney
Edney Henry n/a *2003 C Marker Only
Edney Mornita Shyrelle 12/3/1961 2/9/1970 I Fam Plot-Edney
Edney Wilbert (Baby) 2/6/1982 9/27/1986 C At Rest Ceramic Vases on sides; Lamb on top
Edney Willie 03/00/1876 2/10/1953 B Our Father, At Rest
Edney Willie Albert 6/30/1907 8/6/1984 I Loving Devoted Husband & Father At Rest Fam Plot-Edney
Edward Charlene (Baby) *1948 *1949 H In Memory Of Fam Plot-Turner
Ellis Anna Belle *1920 *1940 K At Rest Fenced In Fam Plot-Ellis
Ellis George 11/20/1926 12/4/2001 I At Rest
Ellis James *1919 *1940 K At Rest Fenced In Fam Plot-Ellis
Ellis Leonard *1907 *1968 K At Rest Fenced In Fam Plot-Ellis
Ellis Priscilla *1853 2/8/1913 B My Dear Sister Age 60-At Rest
Evans Fannie S. 01/31/1898 8/7/1990 H Mother  (beside John) Hilltop near curve, at bayou
Evans Irving H. n/a 3/21/1915 A Age 50-Gone But Not Forgotten Lodge 1826;GHO of OE
Evans John 05/02/1898 6/26/1971 H Father  (beside Fannie)
Fakes Leon (Mr.) 3/24/1908 8/23/1980 C Rest In Peace Beside Lillie Fakes
Fakes Lillie Butler 7/24/1909 4/5/1986 C Rest In Peace
Faulkner Alice 11/29/1906 8/29/1946 J At Rest Fam Plot-Faulkner Hill Top
Faulkner Caroline B. 08/16/1885 2/6/1960 J Fam Plot-Faulkner Hill Top
Faulkner James D. 9/12/1916 12/20/1964 J At Rest Fam Plot-Faulkner Hill Top
Feltus Emma L. 2/8/1909 3/8/1982 M Rest In Peace
Fields Annie L. (Mrs) 11/15/1884 1/17/1991 I Age 106 West Fun. Hm Marker
Fields Josephine n/a *1918 G Age 85-At Rest Plot A
Fisher Evelyn J. 12/9/1910 9/7/1961 I
Fisher Vera L. 4/12/1938 9/5/1984 I At Rest
Fisher (MIL) Garfield Alonzo 1/19/1934 4/14/1992 K SP3 US Army
Fisher I Robert *1876 *1938 D At Rest Crest on HS
Fisher II Robert Alexander *1906 *1992 D Covenant Fulfilled
Fitzhugh Lee *1901 7/10/1966 H
Fleming Dennis Ray 10/10/1954 4/1/1998 K
Fleming Marion Lee (Mother) 3/10/1928 11/7/1990 K She Gave Her Greatest Gift,Love
Fleming Sophia W. 4/19/1905 5/9/1962 K At Rest
Fleming Willie 6/7/1908 1/7/1956 K At Rest
Fleming Cora Butler *1904 *1985 E
Fletcher Mose *1900 *1951 D Beloved Husband of Winnie Fletcher Rest in Peace Fam Listing-2
Flowers Sr. George 11/10/1889 11/5/1963 M Rest In Peace-Father
Floyd Aloncho 7/10/1903 1/1/1978 M Fam Plot-Floyd
Floyd Ethel Francis 8/26/1929 6/19/1986 J Beloved Mother
Floyd Fred n/a 7/5/1948 M Fam Plot-Floyd
Floyd Hattie n/a 6/3/1961 M Fam Plot-Floyd
Floyd Lucille Gray 4/12/1907 11/4/1975 M Fam Plot-Floyd
Floyd  Francis 06/20/1898 5/22/1966 M Fam Plot-Floyd
Floyd  Luella Fisher 8/26/1903 4/14/1988 M Fam Plot-Floyd
Floyd  Nettie *1895 12/30/1965 M Fam Plot-Floyd
Ford David (Rev) 05/18/1888 4/27/1970 H
Ford Henretta 12/05/1875 2/4/1954 J At Rest Fam Plot-Lewis Large Rosebush
Ford Susie Rowan 6/17/1914 5/6/1973 L Mother
Ford William n/a n/a L
Ford Willie 02/03/1899 5/18/1977 I A Devoted Husband & Father He Was The Sunshine Of Our Home
Ford Henderson n/a 12/24/1918 H Age 23
Fort Sophronia 06/06/1895 8/17/1957 M We Will Meet Again
Foster Anna T. 08/28/1880 9/13/1969 D At Rest
Foster Lauretta 3/28/1925 3/9/1997 J At Rest Fam Plot-Lewis Large Rosebush
Foster Sarah  10/03/1898 4/30/1987 L Gone But Not Forgotten
Foster Victoria 11/09/1893 3/18/1951 G Evening Shadow Lodge#1
Frank Maggie *1902 *1944 J Gone So Soon Top of Hill
Franklin Levi *1874 12/28/1921 A Age 47 yrs.
Frazier Willie B. 08/09/1894 4/12/1923 G In Memory Of
Frazier Willie B. 08/09/1894 4/8/1928 G In Memory Of
Freeman John *1888 n/a N Dbl Headstone w/Maggie
Freeman Maggie *1883 *1953 N Dbl Headstone w/John
G J. S. n/a n/a A Marker Only Back Fence; on path betw Sects A, B
Gaines Willie (Mr.) 12/25/1882 7/1/1988 B Marker Only- Williams Fun Hm Tombstone-No Writing
Gamble Esther M. *1929 *1966 H Fam Plot-Turner
Garfield Kelley *1882 *1942 K Our Beloved - At Rest
Garner Lydia A. 12/15/1882 1/21/1966 I
Garner Permelia n/a 8/23/1950 J Gone But Not Forgotten Beloved Wife-JDGarner Fam Plot-Garner, Toles
Garner (MIL) Leonard  10/18/1918 10/24/1985 J US Navy, WWII Beside Watkins St Fam Plot-Garner, Toles
Garner (MIL) Solomon 11/5/1923 6/13/1988 J US Navy, WWII, Korea Beside Watkins St Fam Plot-Garner, Toles
Garner Sr. John D. (Rev) 12/10/1884 3/12/1975 J Gone But Not Forgotten Beside Watkins St Fam Plot-Garner, Toles
Garrett Regina L. (Mother) 10/8/1936 7/5/1984 I
Gary Archie 08/04/1894 12/24/1966 J Dbl HS w/Sylvia
Gary Sylvia 3/3/1903 12/17/1970 J Dbl HS w/Archie
Gaulden Francis n/a n/a L
Gaulden Frank (Rev) 12/00/1886 8/19/1974 L At Rest
Gaulden Marie Gordon 09/09/1885 1/19/1979 L Beloved Mother
Gaulden (MIL) Samuel 10/8/1928 3/24/1991 L CPL US Army Korea Purple Heart
Gibson Gennie *1873 6/18/1930 C At Rest
Gibson Tom *1892 9/22/1940 K
Gilbert Mary Elizabeth 04/03/1899 1/29/1941 K Wife of Felix Pennie
Gilmore Lelia n/a 4/9/1951 L Beside Florence Brown
Givens Mahala (Grandmother) 02/24/1888 8/20/1972 I Gone But Not Forgotten
Givens  Evelyn B. 2/9/1908 8/18/1989 L At Rest
Givens  John *1906 *1950 L Age 44; Beloved Husband of Evelyn Reta Keener, Daughter
Givins Pat 07/04/1871 1/1/1948 G Back Near Bayou
Gordon Joseph 1/1/1917 12/1/1948 M Our Loving Son
Gordon Marguerite C. 12/14/1911 11/7/1958 I At Rest
Gordon Sarah 4/9/1905 2/7/1995 I Rest In Peace The Family Loves You
Gordon Sr. Foster M. 6/8/1912 3/19/1973 I At Rest
Grant Matthe (Mrs) *1872 7/15/1938 G Age 66; Gone But Not Forgotten
Graves Leroy (Rev) 10/8/1908 6/25/1973 I Gone But Not Forgotten
Graves  Virginia 11/22/1905 5/13/1972 I At Rest
Gray James   03/11/1887 8/8/1956 C Father
Gray Martha 02/26/1882 7/14/1957 M Fam Plot-Floyd
Gray Sophia V. 01/25/1897 2/3/1973 C Mother-The Lord is My Shepherd Slab, Beautiful Stone
Green Cedric (Chuck) 7/25/1912 5/11/1971 J Rest On Chuck
Green Geremiah 1/12/1929 9/15/1991 M Rest In Peace
Green Hester n/a n/a D Fam Lot-Ella H. Watson
Green Mary Young 3/4/1905 4/29/1974 I At Rest
Green Minerva *1882 *1965 G Inside Evening Shadow Lodge #1
Green   Henry E. 11/01/1893 1/25/1914 G In Memory Of Fam Plot-Green
Green (MIL) Robert Harold 08/21/1889 11/9/1966 G Louisiana PVT USArmy WWI Fam Plot-Green
Green Sr. Burle H. 01/05/1865 9/23/1954 G In Memory Of Fam Plot-Green
Grennell Ricky (Baby) 4/15/1957 4/15/1957 H In God's Care
Griffen Amy 03/04/1874 10/27/1979 M
Griffin Susie Ellis (Mother) 12/17/1905 12/21/1985 I Psalms 23
Grinnell Ben 05/30/1830 1/16/1971 H In Memory Of - James S. Mengee
Grooms Carrie 10/27/1902 10/24/1938 D
Hackett Harrett 1/7/1918 4/23/1940 D In Memory Of
Haley Ethel  12/18/1904 4/1/1979 J Beside Watkins St
Haley Lena 10/23/1889 7/25/1950 J
Haley Robert 12/1/1904 2/11/1959 L At Rest
Hall Harrit *1870 12/7/1950 A At Rest
Hall John *1890 *1952 B Husband
Hall Nathaniel 6/12/1870 6/23/1927 C Clayton LA-Chamber 4710 Masonic Symbols
Hammond Lee (Husband) 6/13/1903 3/30/1991 I
Hardin DeWayne (Baby) 5/4/1986 5/4/1986 G Rest In Peace Blue Headstone
Hardin Edgar Donald 8/1/1949 4/23/2004 H Gone But Not Forgotten
Hardin Edna 2/7/1917 7/7/1987 H Rest In Peace Roadside
Hardin Louvenia 12/30/1923 9/23/2004 G In Loving Memory
Hardin Rosia Taylor 07/09/1891 12/25/1970 H Rest In Peace Roadside
Hardin Rosie Lee (K-Baby) 3/7/1925 11/26/2000 H You Are Always in Our Hearts Roadside
Harrell Louisa 5/23/1920 n/a H Age 76-God's Finger Touched Her and She Sleeps Fam Plot-Harrell,1/2
Harris Charlene 6/24/1956 4/19/1981 I Gone But Not Forgotten
Harris Chris n/a 7/3/1936 G Fam Plot-Boyd,3/6
Harris Mary E. 2/21/1901 2/13/1977 M Mother; The Lord Is My Shephard
Harris Nelson (Uncle) n/a 12/7/1918 G Fam Plot-Boyd,4/6
Harris Purnella S. 5/3/1923 4/8/1971 H
Harris William 10/25/1904 10/12/1954 H
Harris Sr. George 3/9/1907 3/16/1978 I At Rest
Hauer  Laura 8/23/1924 9/26/2004 L
Hauer Sr. John B. 1/25/1914 5/8/1998 L
Havard Goesbey *1895 *1953 L Rest In Peace
Hawkins Carrie W. 9/23/1902 3/26/1985 I Dble HS-w/Jessie
Hawkins Jessie 12/12/1900 5/31/1980 I May He Rest In Peace Dble HS-w/Carrie
Hawkins Minnie *1877 *1959 L In Aftertime We'll Meet Her
Hawkins Polly (Mother) 06/20/1870 8/27/1951 L Gone But Not Forgotten
Hawkins Samuel (Son) 7/26/1907 8/4/1993 L Gone But Not Forgotten
Hawkins Sterling A. *1879 *1950 L Gone But Not Forgotten
Hayes Mary Jane 12/23/1871 7/27/1930 H We Will Meet Again Beside Lydia Osborne Uphill near Bayou
Hayes Thelma Lee n/a 12/29/1920 H Age 2-At Rest
Haymond Katherine 9/25/1915 4/23/1940 K
Haynes Eddie *1906 *1945 J We Will Meet Again Masonic Symbols
Henry J. H. C. (Rev) *1864 *1923 H Pastor of Union, Mt Zion, Salem and King Solomon BC
Henson Margureite B. 5/28/1928 6/12/1974 J Fam List-Bernard
Henyard Charlotte 7/20/1905 n/a E w/Walter H.
Henyard Walter 3/20/1902 5/20/1975 E w/Charlotte H.
Hess Annie L. Tucker 6/9/1922 10/29/1995 J In Loving Memory; Mother Fam Plot-Hess
Hester Rosa (Mother) n/a 3/25/1970 A Age 76
Hester   Clara 06/12/1883 4/24/1951 A
Higgs Wash n/a 5/8/1973 J Age 73 Handwritten Hill Top
Hill Nettie (Mrs) 05/24/1894 12/31/1962 I
Hills Rufus *1896 n/a G Handwritten Plot B; Full White Headstone, Concrete, Hand Made
Hoggatt Troy W. 1/3/1959 8/24/1974 H Rest In Peace Hilltop
Hollins Estella n/a 2/9/1958 G Evening Shadow Lodge#1
Hollins Ruth 1/19/1936 10/8/1947 I
Holman Julia M. 3/26/1917 6/12/1954 L
Holman Mattie R. 06/09/1894 9/4/1979 L Rest In Peace
Holmes Alberta (Baby Sis) 11/11/1916 11/29/1952 K Fam-Johnson,Holmes,Wiley
Holmes Beatrice n/a n/a N Memories of (dates illegible)
Holmes Carrie Bennett 9/12/1914 4/13/1963 M
Holmes Charlie 11/13/1915 10/25/1949 M
Holmes Elizabeth 10/11/1901 6/4/1972 H Gone But Not Forgotten
Holmes Joseph (Papa Joe) 10/00/1899 6/18/1956 K Fam-Johnson,Holmes,Wiley
Holmes Mattie 06/09/1894 9/4/1979 L
Holmes Mildred (Tee Baby) 2/1/1921 7/21/1990 K Fam-Johnson,Holmes,Wiley
Holmes Ollie (LaLee) 1/26/1900 11/27/1980 K Fam-Johnson,Holmes,Wiley
Hooker Minnie Alexander *1903 * H Mother - Date Illegible
Howard Frank (Father) 09/29/1882 6/30/1960 J
Howard Miley Ford 06/25/1881 8/16/1957 J Mother Waits For Us In Heaven Picture Inset
Howard Risezell 9/6/1946 3/14/1947 J Sleep On Sweet Baby And Take Your Rest
Howard Sophia  07/12/1883 2/21/1963 J Mother-At Rest
Hunt Earnest A. 12/23/1910 4/23/1940 K At Rest
Huston Hattie 12/20/1883 5/14/1927 G Ferriday LA Star Chamber 4827 Front Edge of Bayou
Hutton Lenaia n/a 4/26/1931 D Beloved Wife of M.H.Hutton
Ireland Henry *1855 3/30/1910 A Asleep in Jesus 
Irving Aniece *1910 *1971 H Mother
Isaac Alberta  9/10/1907 9/16/1982 H At Rest Beside Lee Isaac
Isaac Almaron 1/22/1941 10/15/1959 I At Rest
Isaac Monroe 10/27/1904 7/31/1967 I At Rest
Isaac (MIL) Lee 12/18/1895 2/19/1971 H MS, Wagoner Co. B304, Stev Regt, WWI Hilltop near roadside, at curve
Isaacs Alice n/a n/a D Gone But Not Forgotten Fam List-Isaacs
Isaacs Henderson n/a n/a D Gone But Not Forgotten Fam List-Isaacs
Isaacs Monroe n/a n/a D Gone But Not Forgotten Fam List-Isaacs
Isaacs Samuel n/a n/a D Gone But Not Forgotten Fam List-Isaacs
Jackson Alberta Reed 3/10/1905 5/19/1948 M
Jackson Alf(?) 06/18/1885 5/12/1971 L At Rest
Jackson Arthur Leon 6/9/1928 12/12/1942 N
Jackson Audley 5/18/1922 3/23/1989 J At Rest
Jackson Ellen Magurie 11/15/1919 4/13/1964 J
Jackson Florence 09/22/1895 *1973 L
Jackson Florida n/a n/a L
Jackson Francis N. 12/00/1874 3/8/1974 J At Rest
Jackson Joseph E. 10/3/1925 8/9/1985 J In Remembrance Of Brother Corner, Roadside
Jackson Mary n/a 1/11/1972 H In Memory Of - Bennie Robson
Jackson Mary A. *1882 *1945 G In Thee O Lord Do I Put My Trust Beside Peter J.
Jackson Mary White 10/14/1915 4/23/1940 N Gone But Not Forgotten
Jackson Maude Rucker 08/09/1871 9/29/1970 H Roadside
Jackson Pete J. *1873 *1953 G In Thee O Lord Do I Put My Trust Beside Mary A.
Jackson Robert 1/15/1905 1/14/1977 M
Jackson Rosa Stampley n/a 4/1/1957 K At Rest
Jackson Viola 04/05/1887 4/13/1942 N Gone But Not Forgotten
Jackson Jr. (MIL) Murphy H. 10/10/1925 6/28/1976 K PFC USArmy
Jackson Sr Jessie M. 06/01/1891 12/20/1948 J Queen of Natz Lodge#321 K of P We will Meet Again
Jackson Sr. Murphy 12/30/1896 11/29/1989 K At Rest
Jacob Sinia 2/20/1950 7/18/1955 L Beside Julia T. Robinson
James Nancy (Mrs.) n/a 11/8/1954 B Handwritten
James Polly 04/30/1892 1/18/1986 A
James Quartreree (Baby) 4/10/1966 4/12/1966 D Fam Plot-James
James Samuel (Infant) n/a 8/12/1938 D At Rest Fam Plot-James
James Verida Merleatha 9/26/1932 8/29/1936 D At Rest Fam Plot-James
Jefferson Harriet Sloan n/a 11/29/1963 D Age 95
Jefferson Thomas *1866 2/18/1934 D Age 67
Jefferson Viola 3/23/1943 4/8/1945 M Dghtr of Rosie Lee & Eddie Jefferson
Jenkins John Wesley n/a 5/21/1965 L Age 74 Beside Harriston Washington
Jenkins Martha L. 11/21/1912 8/15/1961 K
Jenkins Mary 7/16/1909 6/5/1980 M
Jennings Lizzella B. 5/12/1931 4/19/1933 D Daughter
Jimison (MIL) Arthur Lee 2/20/1925 9/28/1970 H Texas, PFC,459 AVN SQ AAF, WWII Hilltop
Jinken n/a 12/09/1878 1/15/1960 G At Rest
Joffrion Abraham n/a n/a E Fam Lot-Joffrion
Joffrion B. R. (Mother) *1881 *1985 E Fam Lot-Joffrion
Joffrion Bessie n/a n/a E Fam Lot-Joffrion
Joffrion James F. *1905 *1957 E Fam Lot-Joffrion
Joffrion Tanner B. 9/5/1912 9/29/1989 E Fam Lot-Joffrion
Joffrion Theodore *1910 *1950 E Fam Lot-Joffrion
Johnson Abraham L. *1865 *1946 K Dble w/Georgianna Johnson
Johnson Alma Lee 11/18/1918 3/15/1969 K
Johnson Amy Griffin 03/04/1874 10/27/1979 M At Rest
Johnson Aner n/a 3/10/1923 C Age 65-At Rest
Johnson Annie (Mrs) n/a 10/22/1945 J Age 75-In Memory Of
Johnson Ben n/a n/a L
Johnson Betty R. 10/14/1946 4/11/1986 L
Johnson Charles E. 11/11/1922 10/20/1969 H Brother
Johnson Clarence Lee 11/29/1902 6/22/1958 I Gone But Not Forgotten
Johnson Clem 12/15/1902 * K Died 08/05/????
Johnson E. L. 01/17/1876 5/29/1908 L Household of Ruth #1606
Johnson Elnora M 10/10/1892 3/22/1976 L (Vault) Our Beloved Mother
Johnson Eloise 7/26/1923 4/23/1940 N "My Baby"
Johnson Georgianna *1865 *1946 K
Johnson Henry L. *1884 *1950 L
Johnson Ida Woods *1919 *1949 M In Memory Of Loving Daughter
Johnson Irena (Big Mama) 12/05/1881 7/28/1961 K Last Name Not Shown Fam-Johnson,Holmes,Wiley
Johnson James 6/9/1924 4/23/1940 N At Rest
Johnson Joseph *1906 *1974 I We Will Meet Again
Johnson Larnell 10/1/1958 10/5/1971 J At Rest
Johnson Leminda (Mother) 06/02/1882 2/17/1952 A Gone But Not Forgotten
Johnson Marcella 2/5/1902 5/19/1979 I Dear Mother We All Love You
Johnson Murdis 08/12/1893 4/8/1951 L We Will Meet Again
Johnson Neal n/a 3/2/1931 D
Johnson Neal (Grand Paw) *1877 *1932 K Fam-Johnson,Holmes,Wiley
Johnson Rachel 07/04/1885 3/16/1986 L
Johnson Roscoe (Rev) n/a 10/7/1968 H Inside Cyclone Fence
Johnson Sammy 12/18/1884 10/17/1974 L Beside Vault of Elnora J.
Johnson Samuel (Brother) 12/19/1909 9/9/1975 I At Rest
Johnson Sarah  9/10/1907 1/8/1955 B Gone But Not Forgotten
Johnson Sarah Mechelle 8/10/1962 11/16/1996 I At Rest-Age 34 Beside Sarah Gordon Mackell Funeral Home
Johnson Theodore 8/4/1910 7/29/1991 L Publisher
Johnson Valeria (Baby) *1961 11/26/1966 C Age 5 yrs.
Johnson Viola 6/14/1903 3/19/1973 J At Rest
Johnson Willie L. *1918 *1946 L
Johnson Jr Andrew 5/7/1939 8/1/1945 J
Johnson Jr Clyde 8/16/1923 8/15/1954 B Gone But Not Forgotten Decorative Headstone (2) Same Full Bricked Slab
Johnson Jr Garfield 12/20/1912 1/10/1979 H Lord Is My Shepherd Hilltop
Jones Ben n/a n/a L Beside Rebecca J/ Estell Smith Beloved, At Rest
Jones Charlie 01/21/1890 4/24/1938 G
Jones Florence n/a 3/22/1951 L At Rest
Jones James 4/4/1920 11/23/1972 I Husband-Rest In Peace
Jones Jerry (Mr) n/a 11/20/1945 N Age 27 or 29
Jones Julius n/a 12/5/1955 J Near Back Road
Jones Lessie G. *1897 *1973 C Beloved Mother  
Jones Mollie W. (Mother) *1848 *1941 G Asleep in Jesus Dbl Headstone w/W. H. McClure
Jones Rayfield n/a 8/21/1939 N Age 14 Drowned in MS River
Jones Rebecca 11/26/1903 5/30/1985 L Beloved Sister
Jones Walter *1901 *1936 C Foot of Big Tree
Jones Willie 6/4/1907 9/8/1974 H Sadly Missed by Family
Jones Winnie *1894 *1955 B Rest In Peace
Jones Sr. Ernest 5/18/1905 3/5/1957 J At Rest
Jordan Delia *1904 *1947 L Gone But Not Forgotten
Jordan James *1905 *1940 K In Memory Of
Jordan James 04/18/1879 8/17/1953 L Dbl Headstone w/Truelove
Jordan Truelove 06/16/1873 2/17/1959 L Dbl Headstone w/James
Joseph Emma (Mrs) n/a 7/2/1935 E w/Charlie Joseph
Joseph  Charlie n/a 10/00/1936 E w/Emma Joseph
Katz Delia (Dee-Dee) 02/09/1896 2/26/1987 D Fam Lot-Katz
Keener Reta B. 6/13/1941 12/30/1984 L Until We Meet Again, Love Mother
Kelly Elizabeth *1907 *1972 H Gone But Not Forgotten
Kelly Gabriell *1882 *1942 K At Rest
Kelly Mary Harris *1904 *1953 L Our Beloved Mother
Kelly Verna Lee 1/20/1946 5/28/1970 H Beautiful
King Frank n/a 2/10/1946 H At Rest Hill top near bayou
King Marguritte W. 6/5/1936 3/16/1983 H In Memory of Our Mother Hilltop near curve
King Nancy 8/25/1909 5/9/1969 I A Tender Mother & Faithful Friend
King Richard 09/11/1891 3/8/1960 I
King Jr Will 11/15/1932 2/22/1979 H At Rest
Kiper (MIL) Louis Isiah 4/9/1917 5/21/1976 I PFC Army Air Force WWII A Beloved Son
Knapper Ed *1891 *1946 J Dble HS w/Lucille Roadside near Corner
Knapper Lucille G. *1894 *1969 J Dble HS w/Ed Roadside near Corner
Knight Rosa Lee 2/28/1907 5/1/1959 J Gone But Not Forgotten Hill Top, Chained Fence
Knight Rusaleann n/a 5/16/1938 G Evening Shadow Lodge#1
Lackey Mamie 5/19/1904 11/7/1964 M
Lacky Louise (Mrs) 8/10/1901 1/12/1980 H At Rest
Lassiter Delia (Della) n/a *1935 G At Rest Name Centered Full Slab, Concrete, No Headstone
Leak Lizzie *1922 *1926 H
Lemon Mose Henry n/a 6/1/1951 G Age 43 or 48 Full Slab w/Headstone
Letcher Carris (Mrs) n/a 8/28/1951 I Age 45 yrs
Lewis Anna F. (Dear) 8/3/1910 6/14/1994 J She Was Sunshine Of Our Home Fam Plot-Lewis Large Rosebush
Lewis Bell 3/1/1921 4/23/1940 N At Rest
Lewis David n/a *1914 G Beloved Husband
Lewis G. J. (Rev) n/a 6/22/1926 H
Lewis Hester Minor 09/08/1885 12/6/1954 I Dbl Headstone w/Lutishal Lewis
Lewis James n/a 3/11/1960 I
Lewis Lutishal Scroggins 7/17/1900 12/12/1991 I Mother
Lewis Willie *1886 *1956 B At Rest
Lewis Maggie *1892 3/3/1980 L
Lewis Jr James 8/27/1931 7/23/1947 J At Rest-Beside Henretta Ford Fam Plot-Lewis Large Rosebush
Lewis Sr James (Husband) 8/9/1904 11/25/1987 J Gone But Not Forgotten Fam Plot-Lewis Large Rosebush
Lewis Sr. James 07/19/1897 6/22/1964 L
Lewis Sr. James (Mr) *1931 07/23/194? M
Ligon Anelia (Baby) *1967 *1967 C Age 1 mo. 2 days
Lincoln Rose n/a n/a D Fam Lot-Ella H. Watson
Lloyd Henry (Mr) 7/31/1906 3/21/1948 K Vidalia
Lloyd Hortense Chase 06/21/1882 7/10/1977 K One Worthy Of Remembrance Facing Middle Road near Watkins St.
Lloyd Lucy B 7/1/1903 8/28/1961 B A Beloved Wife & Mother Bricked Area Fam Plot-Lloyd
Lloyd Pleasant *1866 *1954 B Our Beloved Mother Age 88-Asleep in Jesus Fam Plot-Lloyd,Archway
Lloyd Thelma 6/3/1917 4/28/1940 K Our Beloved One Facing Middle Road near Watkins St.
Lloyd Tommy L. *1911 *1955 L Age 44; Gone But Not Forgotten
Lloyd William *1868 *1953 B Our Beloved Father Age 86-Asleep in Jesus Fam Plot-Lloyd,Archway
Lockhart Evelena (Mother) 09/15/1872 1/16/1919 H Asleep In Jesus
Longs Ella Dee *1920 *1949 J Age 29; Asleep In Jesus Beloved Dghtr of Mary King
Loyd Carrie n/a 4/24/1961 N Age 63 yrs
Loyd Dave 02/26/1882 n/a L Age 79; Beside Alice Loyd Vault
Loyd Nettie (Mama) *1869 *1920 H Thy Memory Shall Ever Be A Guiding Star to Heaven Headstone Sinking Fam Plot-Mason
Lyans Andrew 04/08/1884 11/2/1927 C Gone Beyond With Jesus Tall, White Stone
Lyles Emma L. Joffrion 12/28/1907 3/20/1989 E Fam Lot-Joffrion
Lyon Mary Jane Clark 12/22/1918 5/3/1970 J
Mable Alberta P. 12/20/1909 8/2/1984 I At Rest
Mack Maggie Oates *1859 *1937 G Mother-At Rest
Maiden Clara (Mother) *1886 *1964 N Asleep In Jesus
Marrion Ben 04/15/1872 7/15/1950 G At Rest
Martien Jr William J. *1928 *1929 H
Martin Emily L. 2/22/1931 11/7/1990 H At Rest - In Memory of My Wife Roadside
Martin Frank *1885 *1939 E
Martin Julia Wood (Aunt) n/a 4/12/1967 H Will Be Remembered Always
Martin Lloyd (Brother) n/a 10/28/1935 H The Years Are Passing On
Martin Mamie  *1903 *1975 K At Rest
Martin Robert *1897 3/2/1952 B
Martin Salena n/a 7/10/1923 H Earth Has No Sorrow That Heaven Cannot Heal
Mason Marshall 2/7/1922 4/23/1940 H Brother Fam Plot-Mason
Mason Nettie (Mama) 03/18/1896 10/29/1959 H Fam Plot-Mason
Mathis Samuel n/a 11/6/1922 G Moore Temple-1625 Natz MS Ornate HS w/symbols M,A,V,T in circle
Matthews George 9/10/1924 8/21/1939 E w/Isaac Wimbley Jr.
Matthews George W. 10/19/1935 8/12/1995 J Beloved Brother Fam Plot-Matthews
Matthews Lessie F. 03/15/1897 11/17/1965 J She Was Sunshine Of Our Home Fam Plot-Matthews
Matthews Mary Louise 11/9/1904 11/4/1973 H Gone But Not Forgotten Beautiful, Dbl w/James Matthews
Matthews Richard James *1903 *1976 I Rest In Peace
Matthews Sr. Clyde S. 12/27/1912 11/28/1977 J At Rest Fam Plot-Matthews
Matthews Sr. Harry 11/17/1892 2/1/1966 J Daddy Waits For Us In Heaven Masonic Symbols Fam Plot-Matthews
Matthews Sr. James 9/28/1900 2/1/1971 H Gone But Not Forgotten Beautiful, Dbl w/Mary L. Matthews
Mattlet Annie Lee 6/10/1929 4/11/1970 A Rest In Peace
Maxwell Willie M. 9/13/1916 2/21/1953 B Gone But Not Forgotten
Mayberry Christine B. 02/17/1896 7/1/1974 L Sadly Missed Beside Anna Bingham
Mazique Edna M. (Lump) 1/12/1920 5/15/1999 B Beloved Mother & Grandmother
Mazique James Bill 9/15/1917 5/29/1987 B Rest In Peace
Mazique Sarah  8/26/1907 5/14/1946 J Gone But Not Forgotten
Mazique  Mamie 12/30/1899 4/25/1984 B Gone But Not Forgotten
Mazique Jr. (MIL) Willie 9/22/1925 6/28/1954 B MS Pvt US Army WW II
McClure W. H. (Son) *1868 *1942 G Asleep In Jesus Dbl Headstone w/Mollie Jones
McCovens Viola E. 02/06/1888 12/26/1959 M Asleep In Jesus
McCoy Angus W. n/a 7/21/1968 H At Rest-Beloved Husband
McCoy Bernice B. *1923 *1980 I Gone But Not Forgotten
McCrainey Herbert 5/27/1928 2/19/1972 H Death Is Another Life
McFarland Norman n/a 4/23/1940 N Erected by his wife, father, brothers
McFolling Johnny Lee 10/20/1936 5/22/1964 J May He Rest In Peace
McGee Pasty W. 04/05/1863 5/25/1951 B 4 Slabs in Row
McGill Hattie *1900 *1959 H Age 59-Beloved Mother, Sister
McGill Rosttier 2/2/1906 12/8/1992 I At Rest
McGill Virginia n/a *1946 L
McIntyre Bell *1894 2/23/1926 C Masonic Symbos In Big Curve Lrg Stone w/Crest on it
McMullen Jessie Hill 4/27/1914 3/7/1988 I Partly Sunken
McNeal Abraham 3/15/1915 4/23/1940 N At Rest
McNeely Frances R. 5/20/1944 9/24/2001 J Age 57 Marker-Mackel Fun. Home
McNeely Roberts (Mr) 04/16/1895 8/14/1978 J At Rest
McQuarters Wilford 1/31/1919 9/29/1997 G Gone But Not Forgotten Beside Ed Mitchell
McQueen Joseph n/a 10/1/1953 M Age 59
Melton Sarah  08/25/1892 8/16/1972 D Beside Mary Whitley Fam Lot-Melton
Metcalfe (MIL) Robert B. 3/16/1908 12/7/1948 C Indiana PVT 591 AAF AVN SQ WWII Beside Drainage ditch/road
Mikell Roosevit *1952 1/30/1976 H Hilltop near bayou
Miles Ellen S. *1889 *1950 G With Christ In Heaven Beside Thomas
Miles Robert n/a n/a J Full Slab; No Headstone;beside Robert Taylor Roadside
Miles Thomas *1883 *19?? G With Christ In Heaven Beside Ellen S.
Miles Jr. Samuel 11/21/1919 6/12/1969 K
Miller Charles n/a 12/7/1964 N
Miller Tom 08/14/1872 4/17/1978 M Gone But Not Forgotten
Miller   Bit n/a n/a N Flat Stone, Illegible
Miller Jr. Frazier J. (M.D.) *1919 *1944 K Not My Will But Thine Be Done
Milton Jessie 09/01/1897 11/8/1971 L At Rest
Milton Lizzie *1899 1/7/1988 L At Rest
Mingo John 8/3/1910 3/22/1970 H At Rest
Minor Dora Dixon 11/28/1880 9/13/1983 D In Loving Memory
Minor Elijah (Rev) 05/06/1897 3/31/1953 E
Minor Eugene 3/27/1914 7/4/1975 L Gone But Not Forgotten
Minor Jake George 9/9/1922 4/23/1940 K Our Little Boy
Mitchell Rosa (Mrs) 8/1/1906 8/5/1981 I She Was Sunlight Of Our Home Gone But Not Forgotten Beside Edney Plot
Mitchell  James Jimmie n/a 12/25/1914 M
Mitchell Jr. Edward  2/3/1930 11/10/1970 G At Rest Cyclone Fence
Mix Jannie (Mother) 04/22/1887 9/20/1951 J Loving Memory Inside Cyclone Fence
Mock Pinkie 03/28/1892 4/18/1972 H At Rest Hill top near bayou
Montgomery Frances 12/15/1888 3/25/1966 L
Moody Annette C 11/12/1904 10/13/1977 I In Loving Memory
Moody Randolph C 3/6/1902 5/4/1974 I In Loving Memory
Moody Reginald B. 7/13/1959 5/25/1987 I Rest In Peace In Memory Of
Moore Blanche Dolly 4/12/1924 1/9/1987 I Rest In Peace In Memory Of
Moore Leonard C. 8/20/1910 4/23/1940 K Gone But Not Forgotten
Morgan Duncan n/a 4/2/1918 G Gone But Not Forgotten Fam Plot-Morgan
Morgan Gladys 8/21/1902 12/10/1953 G Beloved One, Farewell Triple HS w/O'Banion Fam Plot-Morgan
Morgan Julia 09/12/1898 2/19/1939 G God Be With You Til We Meet Again Triple HS w/O'Banion Fam Plot-Morgan
Morgan Mary 09/26/1899 2/24/1920 G Gone But Not Forgotten Fam Plot-Morgan
Morris Ethel B. 11/19/1884 4/7/1971 I In Peace Dbl HS w/Sullivan
Morris John *1922 *2001 I
Morris Lewis n/a 2/10/1924 G Beloved Husband of Elizabeth Morris; Age 87 Gone But Not Forgotten HS turned backwards
Morris Nellie (Mother) n/a 3/16/1952 A At Rest
Morris Sullivan 08/02/1892 7/11/1970 I In Peace Dbl HS w/Ethel
Morrison Louise 3/16/1903 10/22/1973 I Let Her Works Praise Her In the Gates Bordered by 2 other unread graves
Murray Donettia 11/26/1892 3/19/1976 A Our Beloved Mother
Murray Jacob Henry (Elder) 02/28/1890 10/11/1969 A Servant At Rest
Myles Christopher Carlos 7/7/1990 7/8/1990 M Down hill near bayou
Myles Pauline (Mrs) n/a 10/20/1960 D Age 67
Myles Robert n/a n/a N
Neal Samuel *1870 *1925 G Rest In Peace Tall HS, Decorative
Nelson Bessie L. 2/22/1905 6/21/1972 K Rest In Peace
Nelson Dan 02/02/1880 2/6/1958 L Age 78; Asleep In Jesus
Nelson Leanna (Mother) *1858 *1944 K Beloved-Gone But Not Forgotten At Rest
Nelson Clarence 07/21/1892 1/1/1957 K Lodge #101 W.M.
Newell Albertine 9/22/1906 4/1/1982 K At Rest
Newell Bertha (Mrs) n/a 7/27/1983 J Marker Only
Newell Edgar  1/24/1947 11/2/2004 K Age 57 Marker-Mackel Fun. Home
Newell Edgar Allen Poe 11/1/1904 6/9/1944 K My Days Are Past Job 16:11
Newell Lizzie M. 08/02/1880 1/25/1964 K At Rest
Newell  John S. 06/25/1880 9/6/1947 J Brother; Masonic Symbols
Newell (MIL) Sidney 7/2/1909 11/10/1966 J MS PFC 786 Med San Co WWII
Newman  Stellar B. 12/08/1882 9/17/1947 I Sleep On, We Love You Dble HS w/John Newman
Newman Sr. John 05/15/1877 1/23/1955 I Sleep On, We Love You Dble HS w/Stella
Nichols Brenda Joseph 9/21/1951 10/5/2001 L Sampity: West Fun. Hm.
Nichols Lillian (Mrs) 6/16/1910 5/7/2005 L Age 94; West Fun. Hm.Marker
Nickles Lula  n/a 12/24/1945 M At Rest
Noble Silas 2/11/1907 3/27/1966 I
Oates  Lesserine *1907 *1964 E Fam Lot-Oates
Oates Jr Wiley J. *1904 *1964 E Fam Lot-Oates
O'Banion Ophelia S. 10/8/1919 2/5/1957 G Beloved Wife, Gone But Not Forgotten Triple HS w/J & G Morgan Fam Plot-Morgan
Odum Katie Wade (Mrs) 12/18/1903 11/2/1954 C
Osborne Lydia Mae 02/15/1895 1/30/1928 H We Will Meet Again
Owens Patsy Melton (Mrs) 4/4/1900 8/23/1961 D Age 61-At Rest Beside Mary Whitley Fam Lot-Melton
Page Marlyn 4/30/1958 4/27/1987 J Fam List-Bernard
Paige Sr Lee Ronia 11/8/1918 8/13/1962 J
Parker Aaron M. 8/1/1916 3/1/1952 M Rest In Peace
Parker Amos 3/8/1908 5/2/1989 I In Loving Memory Fam Plot-Edney
Parker Harriette Witcher 02/23/1885 1/21/1976 H Precious Lord Take My hand Beside Aliceteen Barber
Parker Ike n/a 11/17/1937 D Age 55
Parker Katie 11/19/1910 11/7/1963 L
Parker Luberta Green 9/9/1920 12/28/1990 M Rest In Peace
Parker Lula B. (Mother) 9/3/1965 6/28/1959 I
Parker Rosie n/a *1929 E Agnes Kirkling/In Remembrance
Parker Sarah  *1880 11/18/1930 D Age 50
Parker Wilehelmina *1891 *1970 K At Rest Beside Mose
Parker  Mose *1881 *1957 K At Rest Beside Wilehelmina
Payne Ezekiel n/a n/a L
Payne Georgia L. n/a 8/13/1962 J
Payne Horace n/a n/a H
Payne Josephine 4/12/1900 1/13/1986 L
Payne Maria Merrick n/a n/a H
Payne Mary M. 1/18/1900 3/8/1953 M
Payne Peggy Bessie 7/17/1908 12/25/1989 I
Payne  Ellen 10/21/1855 11/3/1951 H
Payne Jr. Steward n/a n/a H
Pendleton Pross K. 3/7/1900 8/21/1965 L At Rest
Perry Evelyn *1922 *1940 N
Perry Mary Flowers 03/04/1884 2/15/1964 E
Pettaway Addie (Mrs) 11/04/1898 4/10/2002 I Beside Rev E.V.Pettaway Age 103 West Funeral Hm Marker
Pettaway E. V. (Rev) 01/15/1880 11/17/1963 I
Pierce Frances (Sister) 09/06/1898 6/8/1985 I
Piercy Meria (Miss) 2/16/1902 12/22/1990 I
Pinkney Rhoda (Mother) n/a 1/17/1943 K
Pittman Mary 2/10/1916 11/21/1990 I Beloved Mother
Plummer Solomon Louis 02/01/1851 4/28/1943 N In Heaven there is one Angel More
Polk Amos *1915 *1967 I At Rest
Pollard Sr S. E. 06/08/1871 6/3/1927 C Reeds Temple-1551, St. Joseph LA Masonic Symbols
Porter Curtis n/a 6/30/1962 C Age 52 Handwritten
Potter Deloris (Baby) 1/12/1973 1/13/1973 I To Bloom In Heaven
Potter Jannie 08/18/1890 10/22/1957 J Gone But Not Forgotten
Potter Mary 01/15/1889 5/15/1977 J Gone But Not Forgotten
Potters  Jessie 6/4/1927 4/9/1977 I At Rest-Frm the Potters Family
Powell Pearl n/a n/a C Beloved Cousin of Monroe Fitzgerald Asleep in Jesus No Dates Given
Powell Sally n/a 7/2/1920 H Age 86; Asleep In Jesus Blessed Sleep Fam Plot-Harrell, 2/2
Pullins Alice (Mother) 10/01/1894 10/1/1939 I The Lord Is My Shepherd
Queen Perry *1873 *1953 J My Beloved Husband
Quinn Elizabeth Ann T. 9/12/1907 2/4/1976 H At Rest Hilltop near bayou
Ragland Kenyata D. n/a 3/6/1980 I Asleep In Jesus
Ramsy Anna *1877 3/24/1946 L At Rest; In Memory of My Mother
Randall Amanda 12/25/1879 8/26/1948 M Memory of My Wife
Randolph Elizabeth *1843 *1930 D At Rest
Randolph Julia *1879 *1950 D At Rest
Ray Juanita F. 2/3/1927 10/5/1995 G Loving Wife & Mother Cyclone Fence Fam Plot-Foley
Ray Sr. Arthur E. 2/7/1924 3/5/1995 G Loving Husband & Father Cyclone Fence Fam Plot-Foley
Reed Dorothy (Miss) n/a 10/30/1946 L Age 21
Reed John 11/05/1878 6/6/1964 L
Reed Pearl *1909 *1955 L Age 45; Beloved Wife of David Sr
Reese Katie 10/18/1901 1/15/1975 H Gone But Not Forgotten
Reynolds Albert 2/9/1910 3/9/1977 I In Loving Memory Of
Reynolds Aline E. 6/18/1914 12/29/2005 I In Loving Memory Of
Reynolds   Annette 8/15/1939 8/3/1999 D In Thee Oh Lord Have I Put My Trust Beside Cleveland
Reynolds Sr. Cleveland 7/15/1931 n/a D In Thee Oh Lord Have I Put My Trust Picture Inset
Rhone Eddie A. n/a 10/31/1967 K Gone But Not Forgotten
Rhone Sinah J. *1911 *1985 K
Richardson Eliza C. 01/19/1890 11/8/1974 L
Richardson William n/a 3/29/1966 L At Rest
Ridley Elnora  *1899 *1979 H Hilltop
Risby Monroe 03/15/1884 2/16/1979 D The Lord Is My Shepherd
Roach Henrietta  (Mrs) 07/02/1890 11/5/1939 N Mother -D-1989?
Roberson Janet (Mother) n/a n/a L
Roberts Willie Baily 10/4/1907 1/4/1964 N Age 57
Robertson Carrie L. n/a 9/28/1965 J
Robertson Clara L. *1908 *1968 J The Lord Is My Shepherd Dbl Headstone w/Jacob
Robertson Elizabeth W. n/a 9/27/1945 J Mother-Gone But Not Forgotten
Robertson Jacob W. *1895 *1973 J The Lord Is My Shepherd Dbl Headstone w/Clara
Robertson Joseph n/a 4/30/1966 J
Robinson Annie *1872 11/9/1969 I
Robinson Bessie Fowler 10/03/1899 7/12/1977 J Rest In Peace Died-1944 or 1977?
Robinson Charlie *1870 2/1/1948 I
Robinson Elijah 11/15/1884 7/31/1969 H He Died As He Lived, A Christian
Robinson Elnora 01/24/1896 10/16/1946 K
Robinson Emma (Mrs) 07/04/1883 *1954 N At Rest
Robinson Ernest Sam 10/8/1998 7/17/1949 J Rest In Peace Near Watkins Street
Robinson Lucy Cox *1849 *1914 H Bunker Mortuary Flat Slab
Robinson Madora 10/09/1886 12/5/1960 H She Died As She Lived, A Christian
Robinson Odessa G. 11/7/1912 3/21/1976 L Rest In Peace
Robinson Ruth (Beloved) 1/25/1908 1/11/1993 I I Have Fought A Good Fight Dbl Headstone-Robinson
Robinson Vivian C. n/a 1/8/1935 G Daughter-At Rest Behind ESL#1
Robinson Willie (Beloved) 5/24/1911 5/24/1960 I I Have Fought A Good Fight Dbl Headstone-Robinson
Robison Julia T. n/a 7/19/1952 L Mother
Rolax Albert W. 7/29/1919 1/5/1941 E
Rollin King (Mr.) *1859 *1950 B Age 92-At Rest
Rollins Alexander 7/10/1902 1/17/1980 G At Rest Plot A; White Headstone
Rollins Fred n/a 6/16/1934 E Age 52
Rollins Mary 05/05/1885 4/27/1955 E
Rollins Vivian 8/7/1935 7/27/1973 G Gone But Not Forgotten Plot A; Grey Headstone, Marble
Rositer Mary 06/17/1891 11/30/1951 B
Ross Bernice 2/22/1908 5/17/1981 A At Rest
Ross Camillie Fuller 11/23/1910 5/2/1976 A At Rest
Ross Carrie n/a 4/12/1961 D Age 68
Ross Elizebeth *1888 *1947 J Age 59-At Rest On Path betw Sect J & I
Ross George P. 2/7/1907 8/2/1981 A At Rest
Ross John A. (Baby) 10/5/1975 1/8/1976 K
Ross Unknown n/a 2/12/1913 A Age 23-Beside Camillie Ross Broken Stone Facing Road; No Name
Ross (MIL) Jack 10/11/1887 10/20/1948 J MS PVT 420 Res Labor BN,QMC WWI Under Big Tree
Rowan Mary H. 07/30/1884 7/1/1959 I At Rest
Rowan Pearl *1902 *1975 I We Will Meet Again
Rowan Rachal 6/15/1902 9/16/1975 I
Roy Anna 2/10/1915 5/4/1964 M Our Darling
Roy Evangeline B. n/a 8/1/1954 L Beside Florence Brown
Russell F (Mr) 12/29/???? 10/3/1972 H At Rest
Russell Relia 3/2/1909 5/20/1949 D At Rest
S J. B. n/a n/a A Marker Only Back Fence; on path betw Sects A, B
Sadler Patsy *1881 *1954 L Large Headstone
Sanders Estelle *1913 *1975 I Age 62-We Will Meet Again
Sanders Sr. Burel  (Father) 5/7/1905 11/13/1970 I God Alone Understands
Sanford James R. n/a 4/26/1911 A At Rest-My Beloved Husband Age 84
Sarah Rebecca 12/6/1910 5/24/1949 J At Rest Fam Plot-Faulkner Hill Top
Sarah Thomas (Daddy) 4/11/1905 11/10/1982 I Gone But Not Forgotten
Scales Alex 01/03/1898 10/10/1980 I At Rest Reddish Headstone
Scales Caroline P. 02/13/1880 2/10/1966 D At Rest
Schiele Annie L. 11/14/1918 4/10/1995 M Dbl HS w/Robert
Schiele Robert L. 8/9/1910 4/9/1979 M Dbl HS w/Annie
Scott Anner n/a 12/00/1925 G Beside Lassiter Handwritten Full Concrete Slab
Scott Delia n/a 10/30/1924 G At Rest Handwritten Flat Concrete Slab,Dbl w/Nelson Scott
Scott Ellis 03/08/1886 3/8/1903 H
Scott Emma(nuel?) *1911 *1940 N My Dear Boy
Scott Franklin 2/13/1930 11/15/1958 I His Memory Is Blessed
Scott Fredrich 6/18/1921 4/23/1940 N Age 18 yrs
Scott George *1911 *1940 N My Dear Boy
Scott Jerry Lee (Rev) 7/7/1928 5/25/1974 L
Scott John David 5/11/1973 10/7/1998 N
Scott Julis n/a 1/12/1921 G Beside Rebeco  At Bayou
Scott Leo (Mr) *1906 12/11/1938 G Edge of Bayou
Scott Lottie T. 11/1/1905 n/a L
Scott Oscar 09/12/1892 10/2/1969 A Rest In Peace
Scott Rebeco n/a n/a G Dates Sunken-Beside Julis At Bayou
Scott Sr. Nelson n/a 6/15/1921 G At Rest Handwritten Full Slab
Seales Alex 01/03/1898 10/10/1980 M
Seals Alexander *1909 *1946 I A Dear Son Fam Plot-Seals
Seals Arthur H. (Rev) *1884 9/13/1960 I Fam Plot-Seals
Seals  Luella *1883 *1952 I Fam Plot-Seals
Seals Jr Arthur  *1911 *1937 H A Loving son
Sears Robert n/a 1/7/1928 G Age 51 Obelisk
Sewell Mary 02/23/1879 3/6/1961 J Gone But Not Forgotten Fam Plot-Sewell Hill Top, Chained Fence
Sewell Richard S. 10/12/1911 11/17/1974 I At Rest
Sewell Walter 11/6/1939 7/3/1968 I At Peace
Sewell Sr. Howard Roy 10/9/1912 5/24/1979 I At rest
Shannon Eylesses N. 11/15/1970 7/19/1971 H
Shaw Carrie n/a 10/19/1965 B Age 80 yrs-Sleep in Jesus Front of Mazique lot
Shaw Dorothy M. *1919 *1945 J Niece
Shaw Sr. Harrison 04/30/1879 1/26/1965 M At Rest
Shelby Rosie n/a n/a K Fam List-Winston Facing Middle Road near Watkins St.
Shinault Annie Bell *1880 *1932 E
Shipp Rosa S. 04/09/1898 11/5/1965 E Next to Ella Wimbley
Shivers Lizzie n/a n/a M Marker Only
Shivers Sam *1910 *1963 M
Shivers Zenaier *1910 4/17/1973 M Beside G. Wright
Simpson Claude 2/21/1941 11/27/1991 N
Simpson Eva 11/10/1908 4/23/1940 N At Rest
Sims B. D. (Rev) *1876 *1945 J Beloved Husband & Father Thy God Has Claimed Thee As His Own Hill Top
Sims Brandon 02/20/1886 5/29/1949 L Gone But Not Forgotten
Sims Elizabeth 12/2/1917 3/20/1956 G
Sims Joe (Mr) n/a 5/16/1945 M
Sims Leola E. *1915 *1940 N At Rest
Sims Lucille Bennett 8/12/1912 8/21/1963 M
Sims Nancy n/a 9/23/1938 G Edge of Bayou
Sims Shannon 02/20/1886 4/11/1962 L At Rest; Beside Brandon Sims
Sims George *1898 6/6/1941 N
Singleton Bernice (Miss) n/a 10/23/1953 J Age 104 years
Sloan Mary Louise 4/6/1911 4/23/1940 K
Smith Amos *1867 *1954 J May They Rest In Peace Dbl Headstone w/Nancy
Smith Aurthue 7/10/1918 n/a N
Smith Calvin *1866 *1929 H
Smith Dave (Father) 12/07/1890 7/21/1968 B His Memory is Blessed Beside Mamie Smith
Smith Dorothy 3/13/1932 9/11/1977 I
Smith Emanuel *1884 *1977 K Gone To Mansions Of Rest
Smith Emma n/a 1/1/1922 H Age 35
Smith Estell L n/a 6/1/1974 L Beloved, At Rest
Smith Estelle n/a *1914 L
Smith F. (Ms) n/a 9/15/1972 I Age 59
Smith F. R. (Rev) n/a 6/21/1946 J Age 65-At Rest
Smith Francis 04/17/1893 1/10/1980 J At Rest
Smith G.E. n/a n/a D Fam Plot-Smith 3/3
Smith Geneva (Mrs) 10/17/1918 3/15/2004 L Age 85; West Fun. Hm.
Smith Hattie Brandon 02/17/1881 3/21/1975 J At Rest
Smith J. G. n/a n/a D Fam Plot-Smith 2/3
Smith J. L. n/a n/a D Fam Plot-Smith 1/3
Smith Judge E. (Rev) 09/06/1877 5/23/1966 C Gone But Not Forgotten
Smith Laura Blanton 8/10/1907 3/14/1956 L At Rest
Smith Lela (Bit) 02/01/1895 5/12/1997 J Gone But Not Forgotten
Smith Leroy A. n/a 8/12/1945 J D-1965? Inside Cyclone Fence
Smith Lilly Ann (Miss) n/a 2/13/1946 J Age 27-In Memory of
Smith Mamie (Wife) *1896 *1954 B She Was Sunshine of our Home Beside Dave Smith
Smith Martha 03/17/1868 1/18/1958 J At Rest Handwritten
Smith Mary 08/00/1918 06/00/1945 J Beloved Wife of Green Smith
Smith Nancy  *1860 *1946 J May They Rest In Peace Dbl Headstone w/Amos
Smith Rosa 12/25/1885 11/8/1958 J At Rest-Beside Ernest Jones Inside Cyclone Fence
Smith Rosie *1887 *1972 K Gone To Mansions Of Rest
Smith Ruth 3/26/1907 10/31/1943 K
Smith Sister M. 3/26/1903 10/31/1974 J Gone But Not Forgotten Hill Top
Smith Annie Eloise 4/22/1900 7/13/1981 J She Was Sunshine Of Our Home
Smoot Henry n/a n/a K Fam List-Winston Facing Middle Road near Watkins St.
Smoot Lula Winston n/a n/a K Fam List-Winston Facing Middle Road near Watkins St.
Snell Sarah  n/a *1919 N
Spain Serna (Mrs) 08/17/1892 12/5/1984 I We Love You But God Loves You Best
Sparks Edna 10/29/1908 4/5/1986 H At Rest
Spigner Geneva 7/4/1911 10/7/1950 K We Will Meet Again
Springs Alma Johnson 3/29/1917 4/23/1940 N At Rest
Stampley Lela 12/28/1898 11/1/1959 J Gone But Not Forgotten Fam Plot-Sewell Hill Top, Chained Fence
Stanton James C. *1928 4/14/1968 H Age 40 yrs.
Stanton Walter 9/30/1912 1/13/1951 E
Sterling Clara H. 6/21/1901 4/16/1975 H Mother
Sterling John n/a n/a H Beside Clara Sterling Sunken grave; handwritten headstone
Sternly Annie n/a 12/10/1954 B Age 63 Full Slab beside Winnie Jones
Stevens Annie (Mrs) 7/17/1901 4/27/1978 J At Rest
Stevens  Mary 09/07/1865 8/2/1943 K Faithful To Her Trust Even Unto Death
Stevenson R. (Mrs) n/a n/a I 1918 Caffin Av,New Orleans LA
Stewart Daughter *1889 *1949 I At Rest; Dghter of Josh Stewart Fam-Stewart
Stewart Dora V. *1886 *1958 L Age 72; Our Beloved Mother Asleep in Jesus
Stewart Easter n/a 6/2/1926 H Age 72 Dbl HS w/John Stewart
Stewart Emma 02/18/1871 7/2/1954 I Mother Dble HS-Stewart Fam Plot-Stewart
Stewart Fred  03/25/1896 9/7/1972 H At Rest
Stewart George Wilmer 5/13/1910 11/29/1968 I Beside Emma, Henry Stewart Fam Plot-Stewart
Stewart Henry *1870 *1957 I Father Dble HS-Stewart Fam Plot-Stewart
Stewart Ira 7/4/1900 7/27/1944 K AT Rest
Stewart John n/a 6/14/1930 H Age 74 Dbl HS w/Easter Stewart
Stewart Lorena 9/6/1903 12/22/1981 K
Stewart Lucille White 5/14/1914 4/23/1940 N Gone But Not Forgotten
Stewart Peggy  *1869 *1930 I At Rest Fam-Stewart
Stewart Jr. Henry A. 09/06/1898 4/20/1984 L Gone But Not Forgotten
Stewart Jr. Joseph 3/2/1914 9/11/1975 I At Rest
Stingley Susie Murray 02/14/1898 9/3/1977 A At Rest
Stokes Bessie Mae 8/6/1900 5/31/1966 C Mother
Stokes Oscar (Deacon) *1859 n/a C Beloved Husband of Bessie Mae We Will See Him Picture on Tombstone
Stokes Sr. Roosevelt 11/4/1929 11/19/1982 C Brother
Strauder Charlie (Mr) n/a 5/28/1979 L Marker Only
Swayze Frank 06/20/1899 9/13/1961 M Father Beside Geneva
Swayze Geneva H. 06/26/1898 12/29/1953 M Mother Beside Frank
Sylvester Emily 05/27/1897 9/13/1973 K Rest In Peace
T P. n/a n/a A Marker Only Back Fence; on path betw Sects A, B
Taylor Essie B. (Mrs) 12/25/1922 9/20/1980 J Rest In Peace
Taylor Laura (Mother) 6/17/1931 7/12/1951 D Recheck dates
Taylor Leanna (Mrs) 9/18/1912 6/11/1946 J Gone But Not Forgotten Sleeping In Christ
Taylor Mary J. *1900 *1973 J At Rest
Taylor P. (Mr) 04/13/1844 7/15/1920 G At Rest Tall HS, Laying Flat Very Back, At Bayou
Taylor Sr. Andrew W. *1902 *1964 J At Rest
Terrell Brena Ann n/a 7/5/1965 N Age 12
Thomas Amous 03/15/1879 10/1/1937 C Age 58 Handwritten
Thomas Charlesteen 4/15/1915 11/20/1990 I Beloved Grandmother
Thomas Cinderella *1885 *1949 G Mother Edge of Bayou Very Large, White, Granite, Décor HS
Thomas Cora H. n/a n/a D Fam Lot-Ella H. Watson
Thomas Essie Anndra 6/16/1936 10/6/1957 I Gone But Not Forgotten
Thomas Eugene L. 9/13/1938 12/23/1972 H Gone But Not Forgotten Hilltop near bayou
Thomas Johnie n/a 6/13/1964 H Age 63-At Rest
Thomas Lillie *1888 *1969 L Dbl HeadStone w/Stanfield
Thomas Lizzie n/a 2/10/1910 N Age 37-At Rest
Thomas Minerva F. 10/15/1920 5/12/1973 M Isaiah 40:31-But they that wait upon the Lord
Thomas Rosie J. n/a 7/9/1941 K Age 50
Thomas Stanfield *1885 *1953 L Dbl HeadStone w/Lillie
Thomas Wins(ton?) *1918 n/a C
Thomas Alberta 2/15/1910 2/17/1973 A
Thomas Sr. Leonard L. 6/4/1915 2/18/1972 I Beloved Grandfather
Thompson James 1/1/1900 3/20/1978 L At Rest
Thompson Sadie Bingham 4/3/1912 n/a L Beside Anna Bingham Headstone Sinking
Thompson Viola 10/10/1918 7/26/1993 I At Rest
Thomsom Ella  n/a 3/11/1959 C Age 78
Tibbs Lucille   8/2/1909 8/18/1956 L Gone But Not Forgotten
Tibbs Mary Jane 5/17/1912 1/12/1968 H Full Slab; Headstone
Tillman Ophelia  n/a 7/11/1940 N Age 47 yrs
Tinkston Jessie S. 2/8/1900 9/3/1978 L
Tisdom Mary (Mrs) n/a 2/1/1946 J In Memory Of; Age 62
Toler Allen 09/17/1875 4/13/1973 G Fam Plot-Boyd,6/6
Toler Amelia n/a 8/29/1930 G Fam Plot-Boyd,5/6
Toles Ophelia M. 12/1/1920 2/16/1999 J Fam Plot-Garner, Toles
Toles (MIL) Johnnie L. 7/22/1915 8/10/1975 J CPL USArmy WWII Fam Plot-Garner, Toles
Toney Sam 3/11/1901 2/14/1977 I Age 76
Townsend Lydia  *1878 1/15/1948 G Evening Shadow Lodge#1
Travis Maggie Oates *1886 *1943 E Fam Lot-Oates
Tucker Charles 06/08/1887 5/11/1916 H Come Ye Blessed Fam Plot-Tucker; 1/7, Lrge HS
Tucker Emma L.  *1882 *1971 H Fam Plot-Tucker, 6/7, Lrg HS
Tucker Moses *1885 *1974 H Fam Plot-Tucker, 5/7, Lrge HS
Tucker Mother *1866 *1944 H Your Love Will Light My Pathway Fam Plot-Tucker 7/7, Lrge HS
Turner Lillian F. (Mother) 9/6/1925 8/19/1975 H Forever With The Lord Fam Plot-Turner
Turner Mable J. *1908 *1998 L
Turner Leah *1897 *1957 H Our Beloved Mother-Asleep in Jesus Fam Plot-Turner
Turner  Willie *1900 *1958 L
Turner (Family) Unknown H Overturned Headstone Between L.Turner & E. Gamble Fam Plot-Turner
Turner (MIL) Thomas 09/25/1895 12/16/1953 H MS-PVT CO.D 327 SVC BN QMC WWI Fam Plot-Turner
Turner Sr Arveal (Snook) 10/5/1916 1/8/1994 I Loved & Remembered
Turner Sr. Julius H. 11/11/1923 9/22/1985 H Rest In Peace Fam Plot-Turner
Unknown Alfred  n/a 3/13/1950 G Broken HS Mended Across Last Name-Illegible
Unknown Annie *1878 *1973 I Statue of Woman atop each one W/Mimie
Unknown Emma *1885 *1935 A Beside Katie Casey
Unknown Mimie *1900 *1956 I Beside road w/Annie
Unknown William H. *1877 *1955 I At Rest
Unknown Angie n/a *1968 D
Valandingham Marie 08/07/1882 6/27/1986 I
Wade Cornell 11/13/1949 02/00/1950 M
Wade Emma (Mrs) n/a 12/1/1946 L In Memory of our Mother
Wade Maria n/a 10/6/1920 H Age 76-At Rest Fam Plot-Turner
Wade Sophia  n/a n/a C At Rest -Died 04/09/???? Broken Stone Reglued/Top-Bottom Backwards
Wade Willie (Mr) n/a 7/26/1940 N Age 46 yrs
Wade Wilson *1905 2/5/1966 D At Rest
Wales Pasty O. (Mrs) 4/4/1900 8/23/1961 D At Rest
Walker Alex (Father) 6/3/1909 3/31/1962 I Humility Compassion Morality Dbl HS w/QueenElla
Walker Cynthia E. 2/1/1911 2/16/1986 K
Walker Emma 03/15/1871 2/14/1949 L Gone But Not Forgotten Inside Brick Fence
Walker Julia Gilyard 08/15/1890 1/12/1943 N
Walker Mary *1875 7/12/1963 K
Walker Nancy  (Mrs) 12/25/1867 5/15/1961 A At Rest
Walker Queen Ella 10/27/1914 3/15/2007 I The Soul That Suffers is Stronger Than The One That Rejoices E. Sheppard Dbl HS w/Alex
Wallace Blanche Lucille(Mrs) 3/1/1931 7/13/1994 I Age 63 yrs West Funeral Hm Marker
Wallace M. L. n/a 1/29/1965 G She Is Gone But Not Forgotten Dbl Full Slab, Raised Headstone
Wallace Walter n/a 12/2/1948 G Dbl Full Slab w/M. L. Wallace
Walls Clarence *1895 *1977 I One Worthy Of Remembrance
Walls Frederick *1890 *1973 H We Will Meet Again Large White Stone
Ware Martha Melton 01/09/1887 n/a D Beside Mary Whitley Fam Lot-Melton
Washington Blythe *1884 *1962 H Age 66-Asleep In Jesus Wife of Samuel W.
Washington Elva R. 01/30/1893 11/27/1977 I At Rest
Washington Emmaline *1873 10/17/1950 A We Will Meet Again
Washington Ernestine Lloyd 8/5/1902 11/13/1967 K Our Mother-Thy Life Was Beauty, Truth, Goodness, Love
Washington Frank *1866 *1954 A Rest In Peace
Washington G. L. (Rev) 05/04/1887 4/23/1947 I
Washington Harriston n/a 2/7/1965 L Age 83
Washington Leanna 12/11/1910 1/11/1949 K
Washington Lillie Marie H. 3/11/1959 9/27/1997 L
Washington Louise M. (Auntie) n/a 6/7/1967 A At Rest
Washington Lucy (Mrs) n/a 4/23/1940 N
Washington Margaret n/a 5/18/1927 C Age 77 yrs. Full Slab
Washington Martha 02/02/1888 2/4/1967 J Gone But Not Forgotten
Washington Therisa 07/15/1898 5/27/1948 M I Have Fought A Good Fight; I have finished my course Vault beside the road
Watson Ella H. n/a n/a D Fam Lot-Ella H. Watson
Watson Minerva (Mrs) n/a 3/3/1947 J Age 78- Beside Oscar
Watson Oscar n/a 2/6/1949 J Age 89 White Stone, Handwritten
Webb Florina (Mother) n/a 1/28/1940 K Age 60-At Rest
Webb Henreatta M. *1864 *1950 B Mother
Webb Lula 8/25/1907 7/25/1994 I Beside Walter Webb
Webb Walter 11/05/1898 11/21/1968 I The Lord Is My Shepherd Beside Miss Lula
Weir Julia n/a 5/9/1955 G Gone But Not Forgotten Fam Plot-Morgan
Wells Irene Louise 11/22/1926 6/27/1980 G Rest In Peace Pink Headstone
Wells Mary (Mrs) n/a 3/20/1939 N In Memory of Our Dear Mother
West James Henry *1867 *1922 K Father
West Susie Boyd *1884 *1944 K Mother
Whit?? Mar? n/a *1916 G Age 22 Plot A;Headstone Broken in Half
White Carrie B. *1893 *1961 G Dbl HS w/Robert
White Claude 9/29/1929 3/7/1999 J Age 69 Marker-GF West FH
White Edna W. 06/26/1896 1/13/1985 C Beloved Mother The Lord Is My Shepherd Beautiful Stone & Vase
White Edward n/a 1/11/1946 M Age 27  
White Ernestine Green 6/16/1924 12/20/1951 L Precious Lord Take My hand
White Francis *1869 1/9/1949 G Gone But Not Forgotten Plot A; White Headstone, Lamb
White Jessie Lee n/a 1/19/1968 E Born-12/28/????
White Jim n/a n/a I Husband of Myra White
White John n/a 11/2/1939 G At Rest
White Katie *1889 n/a K
White Mary T. (Beloved) 2/2/1918 5/25/1990 I Mother,Loved & Remembered
White Mary W. 05/11/1891 9/3/1973 I At Rest
White Myra n/a 12/13/1962 I Loved By All
White Robert C. *1883 *1957 G Dbl HS w/Carrie
White Sarah  n/a 11/27/1956 J Gone But Not Forgotten
White Willie 3/3/1930 3/22/1971 H Our Loved One Picture Inset
White Jr. Thomas (Rev) 6/27/1919 10/6/1967 H
Whitley Josephine 10/02/1877 2/20/1956 J At Rest Fam Plot-Matthews
Whitley Mary Melton 03/17/1889 7/5/1984 D Beside Patsy Owens Fam Lot-Melton
Whitney Elizabeth  (Mother) *1888 *1956 I Found Sweet Rest At Last Dble HS-Whitney
Whitney Steve  (Father) *1884 *1955 I Found Sweet Rest At Last Dble HS-Whitney
Wilkins Mildred n/a 3/30/1980 K
Williams David (Rev) *1900 *1984 D Fam Listing-2
Williams Gladys Cooper 3/9/1935 9/19/1960 K Age 24
Williams Harriet (Mama) 12/23/1871 11/26/1938 G At Rest
Williams Johnnie 9/13/1900 5/29/1955 B
Williams Johnnie L. 4/27/1922 4/23/1940 K
Williams Nellie (Mother) *1870 *1956 G At Front Gate
Williams Otie Mae Bradley 12/6/1912 6/4/1937 D At Rest
Williams Queen Mae *1912 6/4/1937 D At Rest
Williams Rosetta *1906 *1961 L
Williams Roziska Zealia 9/24/1917 4/23/1940 D Recheck Dates Fam Listing-2
Williams Samuel *1897 *1953 L Brother & Cousin Down hill, near Bayou
Williams Susie n/a n/a I Age 84 yrs. Picture of Cat on Headstone
Williams Victoria 11/17/1902 6/1/1960 J In Loving Memory; Grandmother Fam Plot-Hess
Williams Willie G. 3/13/1906 12/13/1961 I O Lord God, Help Us Find Rest
Williams Zilla *1871 1/23/1949 G Evening Shadow Lodge#1
Williams Zippie *1879 *1924 G Thy Memory Shall Ever Be In My Heart At Front Gate
Wilson Amanda *1878 1/13/1948 L At Rest
Wilson Bernice 5/30/1924 4/23/1940 N
Wilson Charlotte n/a 2/23/1952 D Age 74 Hill top near MIL Willie Burns
Wilson Georgia (Mrs) 07/06/1885 7/13/1966 H Age 86 yrs. Large,Handwritten,Dbl w/Willie
Wilson Lula L. 10/17/1877 3/5/1971 H Gone But Not Forgotten Mother
Wilson Virginia Scott n/a n/a L Our Beloved Daughter & Sister Age 26
Wilson Willie (Mr) 03/17/1874 12/4/1968 H Age 94 yrs. Large,Handwritten,Dbl w/Georgia
Wilson Sr. Moses 02/04/1895 7/11/1980 I Beloved Father
Wimbley Ella (Mother) *1865 *1963 E
Wimbley Jr Isaac 7/27/1922 12/8/1936 E
Winchester Agnes 01/12/1892 2/12/1977 I
Winchester C. F. *1905 *1921 C
Winchester Eddie 10/24/1908 8/18/1984 I At Rest
Winston Dabney n/a 6/1/1917 G Age 50-At Rest Plot A
Winston Ida Mae n/a n/a K Fam List-Winston Facing Middle Road near Watkins St.
Winston Jimmy n/a n/a K Fam List-Winston Facing Middle Road near Watkins St.
Winston Priscilla n/a n/a K Fam List-Winston Facing Middle Road near Watkins St.
Winston Jr George n/a n/a K Fam List-Winston Facing Middle Road near Watkins St.
Winston Sr George n/a n/a K Fam List-Winston Facing Middle Road near Watkins St.
Winter Enne 12/09/19?? 12/06/1932(?) D
Winters Bennie *1900 *1932 D Fam Lot-Winters
Winters Catherine *1879 *1950 D Fam Lot-Winters
Winters Louis *1898 *1966 D Fam Lot-Winters
Winters Mary E. (Beloved) *1898 *1939 D Mother of Rosalie W. Jackson Asleep in Jesus Fam Listing-2
Woodfork Helen P. n/a n/a H
Woodfork Johnnie *1900 7/27/1927 H Born Hot Springs Ark; Age 27
Woods Carrie 08/26/1895 12/31/1958 M
Woods Easter *1890 *1950 K Age 60: Beloved Wife & Mother
Woods Ida Mae n/a 4/23/1940 N Age 20; In Memory Of
Woods Willie 03/02/1895 n/a K At Rest
Woods Willie 03/02/1895 9/25/1960 K The Rose May Fade, the Lilly Die
Wright Abe 6/5/1905 4/1/1974 J Gone But Not Forgotten Fam List-Bernard
Wright Gertrude *1889 6/7/1968 M
Wright Ronnie 12/10/1950 3/21/1982 J Fam List-Bernard
Yancy Charlotte (Mother) 08/30/1897 11/20/1969 C The Lord is My Shepherd
Yancy Fred 06/20/1878 11/4/1957 C John 16:32-I am not alone because the Father is with me.
York Benn n/a 9/19/1949 L Age 55; Dead but not forgotten He was Sunshine of our Home
Young Alice E 9/17/1919 7/24/1998 I Dbl Headstone w/Mary W.
Young Ernest (Mr) n/a *1903 H At Rest
Young Gilmore 7/18/1945 1/27/1965 J Little Time on Earth He Spent, Till God for Him An Angel Sent
Young Lucinda *1876 *1956 J
Young Mary L. n/a n/a D Fam Lot-Ella H. Watson
Young Mary W. 01/25/1885 11/6/1970 I Dbl Headstone w/Alice E
Young Ruth W. 2/16/1905 5/21/1980 J At Rest Beside Tree w/Gilmore
Young Willie n/a 11/28/1916 H Age 34-Beloved Son of S. Davis
Updated: Feb 2008 Compiled by:
Worthy Women of Watkins Cemetery Assoc.
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